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Speaking & Writing Opportunities
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(Denver, CO, March 18-21, 2019). Click HERE


Because ADI is a vibrant, interactive community, we always welcome new topics and ideas, and we have many outlets available for you to contribute. By sharing our vast knowledge and experience, we’re empowering the American Craft Distilling movement.


We want to hear about advancement in technologies and techniques, new products, success and challenges and how to overcome them. If you have experience and expertise that would benefit our members and the craft distilling industry, please share them.





Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Proposals are accepted year-long by emailing us.

After a submission is accepted, you will be notified of the ideal forum and the methods in which it could be delivered. ADI reserves the right to modify your submission to ensure the best impact possible for our members, including editing titles and descriptions, adding additional speakers and moderators, or the format of the session, with your review.

Please note that we will not accept proposals promoting suppliers products and/or services. We are only interested in presentations that will promote a greater understanding of our art. Supplier proposals will only be considered if they include a presentation by one or more of their clients.



ADI is also soliciting Case Studies and whitepapers on research, technique and technologies that are relevant to our community. We encourage researchers and providers to share new and future developments. Whitepapers will be shared on our Membership Area with proper credit to the issuer. Case Studies and whitepapers are not limited to supplier-issued and not to be confused with marketing material. We’re looking for real, practical information that will enhance our community’s knowledge base, whether from a scientific, equipment, logistic, marketing, legal or business angle.


Whitepapers will be evaluated for publication and followed up on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the following:

  • Relevance to our membership
  • Impact on operations
  • Feasibility and cost-effectiveness


Each whitepaper is to include the following: project or research title and description, organization and owner contact, practical application information (case studies are best). Based on the whitepaper, we might develop new presentations with your input.

Whitepapers and Case Studies are accepted year-long by emailing us.